This is one title we will gladly take here in Minnesota. One major city from the Land of 10,000 Lakes was just named one of the best places to retire.

A new study from WalletHub was released Tuesday (September 8th), ranking the best places to retire in the entire country. Minneapolis came in at number eight!

So what was the methodology behind the study? Factors like affordability of each city, quality of life and healthcare. They also looked at how much there was to do in each city, such as how many golf courses, bingo halls and museums there are per capita.

In case you were curious, St. Paul also made the list but didn't fare nearly as well as Minneapolis, coming in at number 103. Yikes.

I am not sure I agree with this! I understand how they came to their results and you do have to take into consideration that they only looked at about 180 cities across the country and not every single one. However, because Minneapolis is so busy, I can't see it being a relaxing place to retire! I think somewhere a little further out, like a suburb, would probably be more suitable. There is a lot to do and some great restaurants in Minneapolis, though.

As for Wisconsin, a few cities made the list. Madison was named the 44th best place to retire across the country while Milwaukee came in at number 130.

Earlier this year, Minnesota was named the second best place in the country for women. As recently as July, both Minnesota and Wisconsin made the top ten list of best school systems in the country.

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