This is good news for Minnesota and Wisconsin families. According to a new study, the states have some of the best school systems in the country.

WalletHub released a study Monday (July 27th), ranking each state in order of how their school systems stack up from best to worst. Minnesota and Wisconsin each cracked the top ten!

According to the study, Minnesota has the seventh best school system. Why? The state has the second highest math test scores and the highest median SAT score in the entire nation.

Wisconsin did just as well, ranking as the eighth best school system in the country. Wisconsin tied with Minnesota for first place when it comes to high test scores.

To come to the study's conclusion, WalletHub looked at several factors, including the ones mentioned. The study also looked at other factors like dropout rates, reading test scores, pupil-teacher ratio, among others.

So which state came in at number one? Massachusetts. Rounding out the top five is Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia and Vermont. As for the states with the worst school systems? According to the report, it is New Mexico, Louisiana, Arizona, Alaska and Oklahoma.

Minnesota and Wisconsin were recently part of a different study that gave me a good chuckle. One website researched the favorite snack of each individual state in honor of National Junk Food Day. Minnesota's snack of choice is Snickers while Wisconsin residents favor Twix. I don't know how much I agree with that particular study but it did make me a bit hungry!

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