I was horrified today when I read an article that more men are ditching traditional bachelor parties and opting for quiet parties with friends. I'm guessing it's one of these guys, with a picture saying "One Wild Weekend."  Yeah when I'm ready to party, I grab my skinny jeans.  Ughh. An example in the article of a boring bachelor party was eating sushi and playing ping pong ball.  PING PONG BALL!  WITH NO BOOZE!? Yep take this excerpt from the New York Post article:

“It was dorky, but so am I. I admit it,” says Diamond, a 31-year-old West Village resident who made sure to filter out friends who wouldn’t be happy with his G-rated menu of activities. His bachelor weekend kicked off with a civilized brunch at the organic, locally sourced East Village spot Back Forty, then moved on to a karaoke-thon and ended in an anticlimax, with Diamond and his buddies crashing on his couch to watch Ken Burns’ documentary about the Civil War.

Ok, so I do enjoy the documentary just as much as the next guy, but for crying out loud THIS IS YOUR BACHELOR PARTY!  Grow a pair man!  Get out there and be crazy for one last night.  It's a free pass!  (Obviously not to cheat, I'm not saying that.)  Oh, and a "civilized brunch?"  Are you serious?

You don't have to go to Vegas either, and you don't really even need a stripper.  Of course, that's what I thought when I was dragged to a strip club and traumatized by some stripper with a Sam Elliot voice.  Just get all your friends together and go nuts.  Do what you want to do.

I understand that some people like wussy pants McGee here enjoys doing dorky things.  The scary part isn't this guy, it's that all guys are starting to do this.  Am I just a caveman or something?  Or is this another way men are losing footing in the battle of the sexes.  You know, when men could be men and knew how to do more things than gel their hair?

Let's at least make it so it's still ok to go to a strip club, get drunk, and forget most of the night.  The funny thing to is that I didn't even want to go to a strip club on my bachelor party, but I was dragged there anyway.  You know what the most memorable part of the night was?  The strip club!  And I hated it!  But the next buddy that gets married, I'm dragging him to a strip club.  It's tradition.