If you watched the Super Bowl you may have caught the McDonald's commercials introducing their new initiative to spread the love.  They want to fill the world with more lovin' and less hatin' and a simple act of compassion or friendliness could mean a free meal to you.

I had the opportunity to experience the lovin' first hand when I broadcast live at the Tower Avenue & 21st Street McDonald's in Superior.  Earlier that morning during the breakfast rush the whole restaurant did the chicken dance. After I arrived for the lunch rush we tried a conga line.

Then, a young man received his food for free after giving high fives (with a little coaxing)!

That's right, McDonald's restaurants across the country is accepting a new form of payment. Randomly-selected customers are invited to pay for their entire orders with lovin’! So, you may be asked to do a fist bump or pay someone a nice compliment.  You might make a phone call and tell someone you love them or I gave hugs to people!   So, if you head over to your local McDonald’s today and through Valentine's day you just might be asked to pay with lovin' too and get your entire meal for FREE!

Thanks to the staff at the Tower Avenue McDonald’s in Superior.  I love the fact that you're   changing the world, one delighted customer at a time.