While we are all excited about the nice spring weather, it comes with one big obstacle: potholes. There are potholes a plenty in both Superior and Duluth. Now, the Mayor of Superior Jim Paine is addressing the issue.

In other Superior-related news, a cannabis store has just opened in the area. The third Superior Cannabis store is now open and is located along Tower Avenue.

A gas station in Superior will soon be turned into a cannabis bar. It will be the first cannabis bar in the Twin Ports. It is called Club Canna and they will be open by the first of June at the latest.

A fan-favorite is also returning after closing last year: Shorty's! There is a twist though. A Bucktales Cantina and Shorty's Pizza restaurant is opening this week, with a merge of the two menus. Bucktales purchased the recipes from the restaurant before moving into the location, which means we get the best of both worlds.

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While there is lots to look forward to in the Superior area, it is also pothole season. When the snow finally melts in the Twin Ports, we are often left with messy roads riddled with potholes.

Now that the snow has melted and spring is here, Mayor of Superior Jim Paine has weighed in on his future plans regarding the potholes. He shared the message on his official Facebook page Tuesday (May 10th), writing:

Like he said, if you have any really bad potholes on your street or you notice any while you are out and about, let him know on the post above. This is just another impact of our long and gloomy winter.

There's no secret it has been a long winter. April was wet and gloomy. In fact, Duluth went well over a month without one dry Wednesday. That was a strange weather record broken at the end of April and it's telling, given that Superior is located just a short drive away.

As for what else is going on in Superior, city officials recently announced that they would be considering a trial run for security cameras that could start as early as this summer. The trial run would place the cameras along different traffic routes in the city for about forty-five days.

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