I am a dentist "regular", every six months like clockwork.  My amazing hygienist, Elizabeth makes my next six month appointment while I'm still there, so there isn't any chance of me becoming TOO busy to make my next appointment.  I know a lot of people that say they haven't been to the dentist in years and SHOULD make an appointment.  This blog is for you.

Honestly, when they lean me back in the dental chair it relaxes me. (most comfy chair EVER).   They actually have to remind me to open my mouth again and again because as I relax (almost to the point of falling asleep) my mouth slowly closes.

Have you ever heard of those people that have a cleaning service for their home and they will clean their house the day before the service comes so they aren't embarrassed?  That's how you should treat your teeth? You don't want your hygienist to see tartar build up or crap between your teeth because you haven't flossed in weeks.  Financially, you don't want the cost of a root canal, not to mention the discomfort.  So, make your appointment, it will help you keep your twice (possibly three) appointments daily with your toothbrush and dental floss and the end result will be a great check-up.  Plus, you'll get your teeth cleaned and polished for that amazing smile you have!

This blog isn't meant to be nasty.  I'm not going to tell you you can get gingivitis (gum disease) or cavities to the point of needing a root canal.  It's just a reminder blog to make that appointment.  It doesn't matter if you're too busy now because chances are you won't be able to get in for a few months or weeks at least.  Remember, if you haven't been to a dentist for awhile, you may have to have some extensive cleaning or work done, that's almost to be expected, but it will definitely give you a starting point from that appointment on to stay on top of taking care of your mouth.  Something you use every day to talk, smile, eat and kiss with.  All those things VERY important.  Smiles, y'all!

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