The only reason I am calling myself an expert is because I ate mac and cheese just about every day for years when I lived in Nashville trying to be a songwriter.

I have prepared Mac and Cheese from every brand and have made them in every way. I put hot dogs in like my Mom used to do, pepper, salsa, you name it, I have probably made it that way. I even made mac and cheese with only Shedd's Spread and water. Yep, I didn't have much so I had to be creative.

So, when I heard the Cheetos were going to bring out mac and cheese, I had to try it. So far I saw they have cheese and jalapeno, bold cheese, and flamin' hot. I bought the bold to start. I know that most people would expect me to buy the hot one, but I wanted to see it if had flavor. I chose the bold cheese flavor to start.

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It's got large spiral noodles in it and they have the consistency of egg noodles so I was impressed. I followed the directions and I will say you have to let it sit or use less milk so the cheese sauce gets thicker. Also, don't be shocked when you add the powdered cheese that your serving turns very orange.

It has a taste close to the Cheetos cheese. It is very bold and I really enjoyed it. It's not like Kraft Mac and Cheese, it's a different flavor, but it's a very good flavor. I would encourage you to try it. I will try flamin' hot next. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. I give it a 5. I would definitely buy this again, especially because I bought it at the dollar store.

They even cross-promote their other products and how well they go together. I would imagine that tastes really good. They name their mac and cheese after their puffs and crunchy cheese treats so there is another shameless plug for other products.

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