It sure has been awhile but writing and researching this made me crave something from the drive-thru! Long John Silver's used to be a pretty popular fast food chain and for good reason. Not only is it delicious but it offered up seafood favorites you don't find in just any fast food store.

There used to be one by my house growing up and I would stop there all the time. The menu has classics like chicken tenders but the main draw is the seafood you can get for a cheap price and in a short time! Things like shrimp, salmon and cod make up the menu.

I realized I haven't seen one in awhile, even in places there used to be a location or two. I decided to see if I was imagining things or if there truly were less locations than before and sadly, it looks like the worse of the two options. There is only one location left in Minnesota.

The last Long John Silver's location in Minnesota is in Bloomington, which means you'll need to take a three hour drive to get some seafood grub from the chain. At 378 South Avenue sits the last standing location. There are no locations in Wisconsin at the time of writing.

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It seems the franchise owners have self-awareness, writing on their website that "they still exist" in case anyone happened to forget. Despite only one location between Minnesota and Wisconsin, the chain seems to be thriving in other states.

As of 2023, there are 582 locations, with 84 locations in Texas alone. Wisconsin also isn't on an island here. There are 37 states with the chain and no locations in the rest of them, so don't feel too bad if you are living in Wisconsin and feeling a little left out.

Why do I know so much about Long John Silver's? Because I came across a study from a data company called ScrapeHero that did quite a bit of research on the fast food chain. Ohio and Indiana have the second and third most locations, by the way. Did all of these facts make anyone else hungry?

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