I have always been afraid of Lake Superior in the aspect that the weather can change so quickly.  My heart goes out to this family and their friends.  It appears they did exactly what I, or anyone would have done.  They got off the lake and onto land at the end of Minnesota Point, near the Wisconsin entry, for safety.  Only to be struck by lightning, all seven affected to some degree.

It was a family,  a mother and father, two boys aged nine and five, and a grandmother and grandfather and a couple of friends of the family.   At least three of the adults were seriously injured. The nine year old was apparently found face down in the water by the five year old, who turned him over. The group started CPR on the nine year old boy. The boy was in very serious condition and was transported to Essentia Hospital in Duluth by a LifeLink helicopter. The other members of the group were transported by USCG and St Louis County Rescue boats to waiting Gold Cross Ambulances.

The remote area they were in, approximately two miles from a road, and three miles from Sky Harbor Airport, made the rescue difficult for the many departments of first responders.

Info via:  City of Duluth Fire Department Press Release

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