If you've driven by Duluth's 'Last Place On Earth', you've probably noticed a line of people outside and a squad car or two nearby.  Obviously, the police notice the amount of time they find themselves focusing on the business and now the Last Place On Earth is financially responsible for the extra policing it requires.

The Northland's NewsCenter is reporting that St. Louis County Judge Shaun Floerke has determined the controversial headshop is causing multiple problems in downtown Duluth, and must pay for the trouble.

The temporary injunction states that the city of Duluth is responsible for staffing two Police officers at Last Place on Earth, one hour before the store opens, until closing time.

The twist is that Last Place owner Jim Carlson has to pay for the cost of assigning the officers, which is about $1,000 per day.

By attempting to pull products off the shelves and adding costs such as this, the city appears to be making a serious legal run to ultimately close the business down.