She was and always will be one of America's sweethearts.  She wowed us during the 2008 Olympic games.  The following year we watched her "dance with the stars".  Then, as she was thinking of another Olympics, the unthinkable happened.She sustained a knee injury that she just couldn't recover fully from...forcing a tough decision.  Continue towards her dream of another Olympics, or think of her future, hoping for a family with career and children.  She had been told if she continues in gymnastics with her injured knee, she would need a total knee replacement at a young age.  She didn't want that to affect her future family life.  Instead, she will go to college, she hopes to find a career that will allow her to work with philanthropic foundations and inspire new generations to follow their dreams and pursue their passion, just as she has.  Best of luck to you in your retirement and future endeavors, Shawn.   I'll leave you with a video of Shawn's fantastic Balance Beam performance from the 2008 Olympics.

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