What is the deal with Kirk Cousins? Some eagle-eye Vikings fans caught him smiling ear to ear after the devastating loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday giving them their first win of the season.  I am no expert when it comes to football but I have never had a good feeling about Cousins because I feel like he shows a lack of emotion both on and off the field and is secretly a robot.

But apparently, he can show emotion as evidenced by his puzzling reaction to the  Vikings loss of 29-27 to the winless Lions as he was congratulating the Lions after the game. I am all for being a good sport and showing kids and some adults what that means, but once again a win slipped through their hands in a super close game and this time against an awful team.

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Plus did he forget about the ankle injury to one of his best players on the team Adam Thielen? With all the chatter going on about if Zimmers days are numbered some Viking fans took to Twitter to express their anger against Cousins.

Oof I don't know how you recover from that. Even if the Vikings make the playoffs this year I get the feeling from most Vikings fans that they do not have their hearts set on them moving ahead. I for one am not going to say what I think, because I have no business saying what a player should or should not do in this situation. But I can see 100% why this would seem to aggravate Vikings fans, and almost seems like a slap in the face to them and the team. For more on this story go to nesn.com.

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