There's something in the skies above Eastern Colorado and Nebraska and nobody knows what it is. They appear to be drones and they come out at night between 7 and 10pm. The drones are described as winged aircraft with 6 foot spans and flying information 150 to 200 feet above the ground.

Local authorities have been receiving phone calls from concerned people in the public. They reached out to federal agencies and they say they don't know what it is either. The FAA,  DEA, Air Force, and US Army Forces Command don't know what it is either.

That's scary stuff.

USA Today has published an article on it, even sharing links to local departments acknowledging they don't know what it is. They also have a meeting planned on January 6th to come up with a plan to identify who are what are controlling these drones.

Judging by the fact that these are winged drones and seem to be traditional it's likely someone terrestrial controlling these. But who, and why are they flying these drones. What are they surveying and why?



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