Every week I highlight a bizarre case of something out of the ordinary. I began believing in UFO's not that long ago. I was always a skeptic until I opened my mind and realized there is far more about this universe than we understand, so why couldn't ufo's be real? Since that revelation, I try to keep informed of every sighting there is to try and see if there are patterns. The latest one comes from Australia where people witnessed a dark ring spinning in the sky.

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According to the Daily Mail, the witnesses saw the object hover and then fly directly over them for roughly 40 minutes near Nimbin, Australia. They also claim they found other evidence that a similar ufo was sighted over New York. I've been searching for that sighting and haven't found anything yet.

The witnesses asked their local Facebook group page if anyone else had witnessed the spinning circle in the sky. Other people did witness it as well. Some say it was a birthday balloon that got away from a party.  Others claim it was a police drone. Another member claims that they were having issues with their compass at the same time.

Who do you believe? If it had been a balloon I can't imagine it staying in the same location for that long of a period of time. But, stranger things have happened. Check out the photo and see for yourself. If you'd like to read all the comments on the Nimbin community Facebook page, here's where you can find that.

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