Yesterday for lunch a couple of co workers and myself went to the newest restaurant at the Miller Hill Mall, Lucky's 13 Pub.  It's now in the same spot that Old Country Buffet used to be at, but you wouldn't recognize it by walking in.

The interior is big, open, but still warm and inviting.  The dark wood bar top and table tops give it that authentic pub feeling, along with the stone work on the wall and tile flooring.  There's gas lights hanging around the bar that add a nice touch.  Also interesting is the ceiling fans that are connected with long belts.  It has a nice atmosphere.

The service was good, friendly, and quick.  There was obviously enough staff as we saw several of them standing waiting for food.  My guess is they are trying to work out the details on how many people they need to have on for the lunch hour.  (It seemed like they had a designated server for every table.)  From our standpoint, it didn't really matter how many people they are paying to be there as long as we get fast service.  They also serve you popcorn as soon as you sit down.  BONUS!

I ordered the prime rib sandwich.  I've heard the portions were big, and it was a big portion.  The sandwich was gigantic, and I received enough french fries to feed a kindergarten class.  In fact there was so many french fries that I didn't even realize they had buried a knife under there.  Seriously, I realized only after eating for a few minutes that a knife was underneath the pile of food to cut the sandwich.  See if you can spot it:

lucky 13 2


The prime rib sandwich was good.  It wasn't great, until you added the horseradish sauce.  That really kicked it up a notch.   The sandwich and fries cost $13.59.  That's a bit steep for a lunch, but then again if you look at the portions you are almost getting two meals.

The other guys at the table ordered a burger and a chicken Parmesan sandwich.  Both really liked their meals.

All in all, I'd say it was a very good experience.  I'll be back again to try the Reuben sandwich.  According to our server, that's a home run.

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