Kelsea Ballerini hit the stage with her pop duet partner Halsey for an episode of CMT Crossroads, which debuts on Wednesday (March 25.) Ahead of the full episode, fans can press play above to watch the pair's performance.

Halsey and Ballerini trade verses on their song, "The Other Girl," which tells a story of infidelity and jealousy and considers which one of them exactly is being betrayed by a cheating partner -- and which one is "the other girl." The lyrics call to mind classic woman-to-woman songs like Reba McEntire and Linda Davis' 1993 hit, "Does He Love You."

Instead of feeling competitive or resentful toward the other woman, however, "The Other Girl" settles on a message of solidarity. The song comes off of Ballerini's self-titled third studio album, which dropped on March 20, and Halsey and Ballerini came together for an Instagram Live release party to talk about the duet's message.

"There's so much music -- and I'm partially responsible for this -- but there's so much music in the world about cheating partners," Halsey reflected. "People wanna pin it on the other girl, and make it the other girl's fault, so it was so cool for us to be coming together and being like, 'You know what? Forget him. We're not gonna hate each other.'"

"I think it's wonderful and beautiful to have two women who could easily be competitive turn it [on its head] and show people that you can both want all the things in the world and support each other to get there," Ballerini added.

In addition to "The Other Girl," Ballerini and Halsey's Crossroads set also included a performance of the pop star's single, "Graveyard." Their set was filmed at Nashville's Ascend Amphitheatre for the 70th episode of the show, which pairs artists from different genres for a multi-song live performance. Halsey and Ballerini's episode was taped in October of 2019.

The full episode will air on March 25 at 10PM ET/ 9PM CT on CMT.

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