This year we bought a camper. Shortly after I realized how expensive camping was after buying the camper. There are tons of accessories you need to buy. Special septic hoses, 30 amp (or 50 amp) extension cords, plug adapters, surge protectors, outdoor mats, and the list just keeps going on. So when I learned I needed to have extension mirrors for towing to be legal on the highway, I went cheap at first and bought some online for like $20.

The style I had bought was a wrap around the mirror with two rubber straps style. There are different brands of those. They are pretty universal. They also universally suck. For one they look stupid. They look like you were trying to save a buck. Secondly, they don't work well. It's almost impossible to get the mirror where you want it, and then they have a tendency to loosen up and fly off. I finally decided to throw the remaining one I had left in the trash. (The other is somewhere on I-35 in West Duluth.)

I asked a friend what they had used and they steered me in the K Source Snap & Zap direction. These aren't cheap, but they aren't breaking the bank either. They are customized towing mirrors for your make and model of truck. My truck happens to be a 2020 Tundra, and I got the K Source mirrors that fit the Tundra 2007 and up.  They cost about $60 with shipping for a set. Not bad.

The box arrived in a couple of days and I pulled the mirrors out. I like that they come with a carrying bag so you can keep them together when you are not using them. That's a nice touch.

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It's supposed to easily snap on and come off, and it really does. I was surprised how quick and easy they went on. If they come loose there is a set screw in them as well that lets you tighten it up. Upon initial installation, not a problem.

What's nice about this design is that as long as you are not bending or touching the mirror section when you put them on and off, you don't really have to adjust the mirrors anymore. It's a really handy set up.

So in review, don't waste your time on some cheap strap on mirrors. You also don't have to break the bank and spend $200 on all new mirrors. Just spend the $53 and get yourself a K Source mirror.

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