DIY Power Window Trick
My wife sent me a text yesterday saying her drivers side window wouldn't go up on her car. There was rain in the forecast, so this was a big bummer considering it was halfway down.  Luckily, I went to google and found a trick in the forums.
Did Loctite Rust Neutralizer Actually Work? Update
This last fall I tried a product from Loctite called Rust Neurtralizer.  I did a video and wanted to see if it actually worked.  Rust is probably one of the most frustrating things that happens to your vehicle, because once it's there it never goes away.
Testing a Cold Weather Hack
Maybe you've seen the video that's been going around Facebook that shows how you can use a mix of rubbing alcohol and water to spray the frost away on your windshield.  It was made from a meterologist in Tennessee, and he makes it looks like we are dummies for scraping away all these …