Ladies, fellas — Jordan Davis has a splendid beard, but don't ask to touch it.

The "Take It from Me" singer is too nice to say it, but it's kind of strange to ask to stroke a married man's beard. Davis did offer this apt comparison:

"You asking to touch my beard is like me asking to touch a pregnant woman's stomach," he says smiling. "I think that's like equal in the awkward scale."

The beard is what most people ask Davis about first. He actually didn't always have one — it's only been the last few years that you could catch him with that beautifully sculpted man fur hanging from his face.

"It's beard oil, beard shampoo, beard conditioner," he admits on the upkeep. "I get a lot of, 'Is your beard real?'"

It is, we think. We didn't ask to touch it, because — well, we don't try to grope pregnant women, either!

It's hard to imagine anything different at this point, especially if he's superstitious. Davis' debut single, "Singles You Up," hit No. 1 and the follow-up, "Take It From Me," is already Top 40.

After his run with Jake Owen wraps, look for him on tour with Kip Moore in the fall. The After the Sunburn Tour starts in September.

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