In June of 2017, Joe Nichols released a brand-new single, “Never Gets Old.” Written by Steve Moakler and Connie Harrington, the song is a love song, in which Nichols sings about how “time has a way / Of wearing on things … And it don’t ever stop” — but, fortunately, “love has a way / Of outliving everything.”

Below, Nichols tells The Boot about finding "Never Gets Old" and deciding to make it his own.

Connie wrote [my song] "She Only Smokes When She Drinks" -- co-wrote it -- so she's a great writer -- a long string of hits for her.

I wanted to desperately find something that was, you know, Shenandoah's "Next to You, Next to Me" -- a throwback, Randy Travis, foot-tapping type of thing, you know? Don Williams even a little bit -- just something along that line: feels good, doesn't have to be explosive, doesn't have to be making a statement or anything, just has to feel good and [have] a good sentiment.

When I heard "Never Gets Old," I was very grateful, because it's something you don't find very often when you specifically ask for something ... [but the song has changed from the demo] quite a bit. I think there's more folk-y [elements] on the demo, and I think it's done well, but I think we kind of made it more of a -- more me.

It is the album title, yeah. I think we're implying that I never get old -- maybe sarcastically, I don't know.

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