Spring is springing in the Twin Ports and while we didn't have much of a real winter and hardly any snow, the temps are rising.

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With rising temperatures, comes plenty of outdoor activities like going for walks, biking, motorcycle riding, and of course walking the dog.

Taking the pup for a walk is good exercise for everyone involved and you can't beat the fresh air of spring, especially on a day like today when I'm typing this with the sun shining too.

As I walked our hound dog today, one thing I noticed a lot of was plenty of pup poop throughout the park.  This wasn't leftover from winter, much of it appeared more recent than that.  This is a bummer considering the park actually provides poop bags or "Mutt Mitts" in various locations and there is no charge to grab one. Not only do they have the bags, but they also have trash cans for disposal too.

Even if not in the park, I know very few people who don't have plastic grocery bags laying around the house as an option for picking up after your dog.

It's frustrating to see in the boulevards and near sidewalks in the neighborhood, but even more so in the park.  People don't only walk there, but also play Disc Golf, have picnics, and shouldn't have to deal with left behind dog poo.

As a seasonal public service announcement, please be a decent human and clean up after your pups.  Many people thank you in advance.

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