One man went to Reddit to ask if his Minnesota neighbor was in the wrong when shoveling snow off his roof.

Living in Minnesota during the winter months definitely comes with its challenges. Some people embrace the snow and create fun snow sculptures for people to pass by and see like one California man did for his first Minnesota winter. Or like Harry Welty in Duluth does every year.

There are also things on the list of "we wish they didn't exist", snow fleas which can be found in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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Then, there are neighbors. Sometimes neighbors can help during snow removal like Kirk Cousins's neighbor who makes sure his driveway is always clear whenever he is away. Then there are neighbors that make you question their tactics.

One man who recently moved to Minnesota has posed a discussion on Reddit regarding his neighbor and snow removal. The user goes by 'WanderingManimal00' was seeking advice with the headline "Neighbor Rakes Roof Snow onto my Driveway & Leaves It".

The user started off the discussion with a little backstory. They started off the post by stating the neighbor is mysterious and that they don't know much about the neighbor. They stopped by and asked the Reddit user to move his car so the neighbor can rake his roof. The user also stated they are from the desert, and they were unfamiliar with the etiquette, so they moved their truck.

The user then looked out a window and saw a 3x3 ft pile of snow running about 22 linear feet. It was also stated that it was a DIY driveway, and now they couldn't park the truck in the driveway without moving the snow.

The user also didn't communicate to the neighbor that they would like the snow to be removed, but they also didn't think the neighbor didn't intend to leave it. The user knows that Minnesota has a very polite culture, but they are not sure how to approach this.

People from Reddit did what they do best, and so far the post has over 150 comments. Here were some that stood out:

A young woman shovelling her driveway.

"Your neighbor should have cleaned up after himself.

Next time he asks you to move your truck to rake the roof, tell him you had to shovel the snow he left there and ask him to clean it up when he's finished.

It would probably look something like this:

"Hey neighbor, can yah move yer truck so I can get dah rake up d'ere?"

"Oh, fer sure. Yanno last time there was quite ah bit ah snow left up in the driveway d'ere. Yah think you could go ahead and clear it off when yer finished?"

I dunno, something like that." - Regular-Menu-116

Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Connor Tosun/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

"Step 1) get a dozen mason jars. Step2 ) Put a dollar bill in there or some spare change. Step 3) fart into those jars. Screw on lids tightly. Step 4) put them on his step. Step 5) wait" - mndon

Anastasiia Makarevich
Anastasiia Makarevich

"Dude's a total boner. That's inexcusable. Anyone who thinks that is OK is going to need the direct approach." - orbroy2point0

Baked salmon garnished with asparagus and tomatoes with herbs. Top view

"Yep. Wait for summer. Eat several pounds of asparagus. Piss through an open window onto the carpet." - FarganThrowaway123

Minnesota welcomes you sign

"Mastering the passive-aggressive talk to key to being a Minnesotan. Go over to your neighbor's house, knock on the door, and say "sure is a lotta snow here, yeah? Then when the neighbor replies "yah, there sure is", then say "Weel, have a good day", then go buy a snowblower and blow all the snow back into his yard." - Prestigious_Most5482

man blowing snow

"Snowblow it at 5:00 in the morning." - Helpful-Literature73

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