Oh boy, I would love to see the look on a few Mom and Dad's faces out there after they opened up a bag of Aldi's brand Marshmallow "Bunnies and Chicks." It is kind of hard to make out what kind of shape exactly they were going for but as you can see if you scroll down even a small child looking at them might think they resemble the male anatomy.

I have never been to Aldi's but I do know like many stores they have their own brands of items and with a specialty like a holiday these particular sweet treats who knows what manufacturer they used? The funny thing is that these are all intact the way they are. They are not misshapen or smashed this is the mold that someone chose to use to make a marshmallow chick or bunny.

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According to a report on FOX 9, the mistake is so obvious that really all Aldi could do was laugh about it. They said, " We can't even defend this one." To me they kind of look like deserts people posts on Pinterest that look nothing like the original design and are hilarious! So for everyone out there hating on peeps and saying they are disgusting, I say this is what you get when you have someone out there trying to imitate them. At least they actually look like bunnies and chicks.

Speaking of Easter candy did you know what popular Easter candy is loved in Minnesota and Wisconsin? Jellybeans, which I am super down for except for the black licorice are trash in my opinion. But who knows now that candy might be dethroned by these fancy Aldi marshmallows. LOL check it out for yourself, what do you think they look like?

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