This really saddens me, but I can't live in denial any longer.  I think it's time we say goodbye to the office, much like a loving dog owner who has to put their old, sick, dying dog down.  The thought of even doing it gives you a heavy heart.  Sure we've had a lot of good years and laughs, but slowly we seem to just be limping along together.

Ever since Steve Carell left, things have at best been "pretty good."  And don't get me wrong, I would be ok with "pretty good," but with James Spader not returning after this season I'm not ready for any other big changes.  Plus John Krasinski (Jim), Jenna Fischer (Pam), and B.J. Novak's (Ryan) contracts are up at the end of the year, and they may not return.

I liked the whole Robert California bit.  It was funny in an awkward kind of way.  There has been some good laughs this season.  The trip to Florida was fun and refreshing.  One of the best I can recall is when Jim pranked Dwight in Florida.

Now "The Office" is in question for next year.  If it is renewed, Executive Producer Greg Daniels said the office might be getting a re-boot with new characters.  I'm not ready for that, and I think it would be dragging the show on for too long and taking it away from what we remember the show best as:  A love story in a quirky office that grabbed our interest in the first few seasons.

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