This week is National School Lunch week, a time I always reflect on growing up and eating hot lunch at school.  I still remember having my lunch ticket in hand as I waited in line joking around with friends as we got step by step closer to seeing what was being served that day by the nice lady with the fishnet on her head.

School lunch back then was okay overall, but there was one thing they served that was hands down my favorite.

Nothing was better to me than the day they served turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes. That tasted great alone, but it always came with a cinnamon roll, green beans and chocolate milk.  That, to me, would instantly make the day better.  I could get swamped with homework, I could accidentally fart in class, I could make a fool of myself in front of the girl I had a crush on, but it did not matter on turkey and gravy day.

What was your favorite school lunch menu item?  The rectangle pizza?  The tacos with the crazy bright orange sauce that would drip out?

Let me know, but I'd be shocked if anything is better than that turkey and gravy.

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