Redbook recently published an article about how white girls shouldn't dress up as the Disney Princess Moana.  They say it's being insensitive about race, and there are plenty of white princesses for little white girls to dress up as.  

My daughter loves Moana and that's who she wants to be for Halloween.  She sings the soundtrack all day long, every day.  She looks up to Moana as being an empowered girl who goes and saves her people.  She's turning 4 this year and she has never once mentioned anything about Moana's skin color or race.  Because she's an innocent little girl who doesn't concern herself with skin color.  She just wants to wear the same outfit as Moana and pretend to be her.  We ordered her this costume from and never second guessed our decision.

To be clear, we're not changing her skin color.   I could understand it being considered racist or insensitive if we tried to change her skin color to match.  That's just never a good idea.  Disney actually had that backlash from the Maui costume.

So here she is learning a little about the Polynesian culture and getting excited about it, and this blogger tells me it's racist that she would want to dress up as the main character, and should stick to the white Disney Princesses.  I asked a friend of mine who has Maori ancestry for his thoughts, and he basically said it's racist if they say white girls can't dress up as the character.  I'm sure not everyone share's his opinion, but it was a nice perspective to look at it.

What are your thoughts?  Is this being racially insensitive, or is this just politically correctness gone too far?

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