There was a lot of hype around Cole Swindell's latest studio release. He released 'All Of It' this month as his current single 'Break Up In The End' continues to climb the charts.

While the country star is known mostly for his uptempo tunes, he admitted in interviews he was going for a different feel this time around and he definitely delivered.

Once the album dropped, I kept hearing about one song in particular over and over. The track is called 'Dad's Old Number' and it seemed to be the one everyone was talking about - and rightfully so.

I hadn't heard it just yet when I finally decided to take a few minutes this morning to listen. I knew it would be a sad song based on the title alone. I also knew it would be about his dad, who died in an accident in 2013, which only adds to the heart tugging.

I didn't know what to expect. I loved 'You Should Be Here' but as far as songs about grieving go, that one kind of gets lost in the shuffle.

I can't say the same about this tune. Listen to the song and then watch my review of it above. Oh - and grab some tissues.

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