Cole Swindell has been teasing his upcoming third studio album since February, when he released its first single, "Break Up in the End," and in June, he shared that the project will be called All of It and is due out on Aug. 17. Backstage at the 2018 CMA Music Festival, Swindell explained how he decided on that title for the album, and what it means to him.

"It's always a fun thing to pick out the title for an album," he shared with The Boot and other media members. "It's also hard because you've got songs [on the record] you love, and sometimes their names work as titles, and sometimes they don't."

Swindell had previously suggested that he was considering titling the album Reason to Drink, which is the name of a song on the record as well as the title of Swindell's current tour. However, Swindell says, "All of It" is also the name of a song on the album.

""All of It" is the title of a song that I actually got to go back into the studio and record after we were done with the album," he says. "I'd never had the opportunity to do that before -- usually, when we're done, we're done -- but I just happened to hear this song.

"I told my team, 'I have to have this song! What are we gonna do?'" he recalls. "We went back in and recorded it, and here it is, the album title."

As an album title, All of It also holds significance in terms of the kind of project that Swindell walked into the studio wanting to make: "I think it fit because, when you're making an album, you wanna have a little bit of all of it," he says. "You wanna have the "Break Up in the End"s, and you wanna have the feel-good songs, the party songs.

"I think, on this album, there are going to be more songs like "Break Up in the End," that are gonna tug on people's heartstrings, because that's where I'm at in my career. But, I still have the fun stuff. I can't abandon that, because that's what got me here, and that's what fans saw from me first," Swindell adds. "I think it's a great mixture of fun, sad, happy -- all of it."

All of It is available for pre-order in various bundles via Swindell's official website.

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