The gun debate goes on and on in congress, in the world, and in public. Everyone has an argument for having guns or limiting rights for guns. What this teen has come up with may resonate on both sides of the argument.

His idea is to add a smart screen to it, so that it can read your fingerprint. After all, the person that buys the gun is going to use the gun. He also wants it to have applications for military, if a service person is separated from their gun, no one can pick it up and use it on them.

His biggest reason is to stop needless deaths from children picking up guns and using them on each other. Many senseless deaths occur when someone forgets to lock up a firearm and a child uses it on another child.

This video is the teen explaining how it works and all the roadblocks he is coming up against, but it isn't stopping him, he is trying to learn from everyone in order to get it on the market.


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