Is this Taylor Swift's way of saying she's coming back to country?

Sugarland sent country music friends into a frenzy when they announced that Swift would be featured on their upcoming comeback album.

They had kept their lips pretty much sealed, only saying the title of the track and not much else. Now that it has been released, we're starting to learn a bit more about it.

It was penned by Swift and Train's Pat Monahan years ago but never made it onto an album. The country star herself called up the duo and offered them the song. The rest is country music history.

The track is incredibly catchy, with a good tempo and strong lyrics. It will be in your head all day after you hear it. You can tell Sugarland didn't pen the song, as it has Swift's markings all over it from start to finish.

I definitely think it's a stronger song than the first one they released and I can't wait to see what else they have in store when their new album drops June 8th.

What do you think of the song - yay or nay? Watch my review above and let me know your thoughts!

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