It looks like fast food shops in Duluth and Superior are about to get a little bit of competition!

According to The Development Tracker of Duluth, a popular fast food chain may be opening up shop in the area and soon.

The popular website was doing a Q&A on their social media pages recently and someone asked about if and/or when Raising Cane's would open in the Duluth area, stating that they would really like one.

It turns out this lucky fan may get their wish. Here is how TDT Duluth responded:

"Raising Cane's might be in Duluth sooner than you think, especially with the soon arrival of Popeye's. Plus, they're opening a ton of new locations in the Twin Cities so it's only a matter of time."

Wow! I love Raising Cane's so I would be very happy with this. They only serve chicken fingers, Texas toast and the most delicious french fries ever. They are also known for their sauce, which is a mix between ranch and ketchup.

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This news comes after the announcement that a Popeyes would be opening in Duluth. The fast food chain announced back in January that they would be opening a store on the corner of Central Entrance and Anderson Road. The chain is going to start to build their new location in spring which means we will be feasting soon enough!

We will keep you updated if this development turns into a sure thing but in the meantime, my fingers are crossed that it does.

I still have my fingers crossed that a Chick-fil-A will open up in the Duluth area. The more fast food options, the better!

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