KFC Swaps Out SNL Actors to Play Colonel Sanders [VIDEO]
The original Colonel Sanders passed away years ago, but Kentucky Fried Chicken recently decided to bring the iconic character back.
The first ads of the campaign featured former Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond, but now a new SNL actor has taken his place.
KFC Chicken Littles Food Review
During the Vikings game yesterday I saw a commercial for KFC's new Chicken Littles.  In a testament to advertising, I immediately wanted one, so I drove to the KFC.
I think it could have been the pickles that perked my interest.  I love pickles, and the combination of fried chicken, pi…
Returning Soldier Surprises Family at KFC [VIDEO]
We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos of soldiers stationed overseas surprising their children stateside with early returns home.
And that’s how this video of Capt. Cherissa Jackson, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, begins, with mom surprising her …