It's been a hot minute since there was a Pizza Hut location in Superior, could one be coming back any time soon?

Once upon a time, there were two places in Superior to get Pizza Hut, one store located at 623 Hammond Avenue (which is now a Kwik Trip), and one at Tower Avenue & North 29th street (even though Google has it listed as 1532 East 3rd Street, which is a house address in a residential neighborhood). I believe the Tower location is now a bank, I could be wrong though.

I have fond memories of the Hammond location, due to my dad being the manager many years ago. I used to tell my friends that I was growing up in a Pizza Hut. It has been some time since either location has been open. The Hammond location closed down back in 2014.

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According to an article from the Superior Telegram, the manager at the time, Brandon Holmes stated they will build a new Pizza Hut location the following year. However, no one has really heard of anything since.

Pizza Hut first opened in Superior, back in 1973 (the Tower Avenue location). However, the location closed in 2003 after a fire and never re-opened. The ST even stated when the Hammond location opened, Charlie Moore Jr. of the Milwaukee Brewers was on hand to sign autographs.

There is currently a rumor on a local Facebook page that Pizza Hut could be coming back to the Superior area. We were once promised there would be one coming back years ago and it hasn't happened. Could it finally now be happening or is it just another one for the rumor mill?

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