One of the most popular places to visit in hopes of possibly having a paranormal experience is Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. But, Indiana is also home to a former Tuberculosis hospital that has just as many ghost sightings and paranormal activity as any haunted place in the country.

The Indiana State Sanitorium is located in Parke County, near Terre Haute, the same place as the world-famous Covered Bridge Festival is also home to this abandoned hospital.

When you see inside this hospital, it looks like everyone just left. So weird and creepy. The photo credit goes to John Cassity for these amazing and terrifying photos.

Trays and Coffee Cups Still on the Tables

John Cassity/Facebook

Lobby Directions and Notes Still in Glass Display Case

John Cassity/Facebook

Office with Rotary Phone and Folders

John Cassity/Facebook

Laundry Room Is Still Fully Stocked and Folded

John Cassity/Facebook

Original Furniture Still Remains Throughout the Buildings

John Cassity/Facebook

Rec Room Might Be The Creepiest

John Cassity/Facebook

More Cups and Trays Just Left Behind

John Cassity/Facebook

I Can Almost See A Ghost Sitting and Looking Out The Window

John Cassity/Facebook

The Kitchen Looks Like It Is Still In Action

John Cassity/Facebook

Reminds Me Of A Scene Out Of the Movie, Halloween.

John Cassity/Facebook

Photo of Death and Decay

John Cassity/Facebook

See more weird and incredible photos, HERE.

Even scarier than the photos, is the information I found about the abandoned hospital sent chills down my spine. I actually got the shivers.

The Indiana State Sanatorium is one of those most foreboding locations in Rockville, Indiana.

As a newly opened location for investigation, your paranormal experience may go far beyond the chilling activity that’s been documented so far.

Activity at this location includes disembodied voices, apparitions, and poltergeist activity.

Former staff have reported poltergeist activity in the laundry room while working when the location was still in operation.

The apparition of a woman has been reported by former patients in an old area of the sanatorium near the laundry and office areas.

The disembodied voices of both a man and woman have been heard on the grounds of the sanatorium.

As you stroll the hallways of this newly opened and ominous location, what might you encounter?

Upon looking at rooms that were vacated in such a hurry you can still find many items left behind, what energy is lying dormant and waiting for you to come in?

The spirits of Indiana State Sanatorium may just be looking for someone to tell their stories. You could be the one…Should you dare to pay a visit.


After reading that, I know my husband will not let me go. He is always afraid of what I might attract and who or what I might bring home with me.

Take a look at this incredible video of the grounds, patient rooms, kitchen, gathering areas, dining room, and more.

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See more history, photos, and events surrounding the Indiana State Sanatorium HERE.

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