There are many caves throughout the state of Minnesota, perhaps none as notorious as the Candyman Caves located in the St. Paul area.

Of course October being "spooky season", many people have heard of the horror movie 'The Candyman'. If you haven't, it's a film about an urban legend about a supernatural, hook-handed man who terrorized residents if you said his name five times in front of a mirror. It was based off author, artist, and screenwriter Clive Barker's 1985 short story, 'The Forbidden'. It was also re-imaged last year, but you can check out a trailer of the cult classic from 1992 below:

There is also a cave system in St. Paul known as "The Candyman Caves". Most of the entrances to the cave have been closed off due to being dangerous and illegal according to a report from the St. Paul Fire Department. There are many stories throughout the years of people partying in the caves, and unfortunately, people meet their demise in the caves.

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In 2017, two teens were rescued in the cave system when their exploration went awry. Fox 9 reported that St. Paul fire department responded to a report of two young men stuck at the base of a bluff on the city’s west-side. The young men gained access to the cave roughly 100 feet below the entrance point, and it took rescue crews over two and half hours to save them.

In the same story, Fox 9 reported about the deadly history the cave had. Some have died from a cave collapse, others from carbon monoxide poising due to lighting fires in the cave system.

A lot of people know about the cave, but many won't disclose the exact location. Most people tell the people that are asking to do their own research.  I'm assuming the cave got its name due to a similar-looking hole in a wall like the one in the movie:

There was even a creepy story on the 'No Sleep' subreddit of the cave. The story was about a group of friends that decided to do some exploring of the infamous cave. Once they entered the "Candyman's mouth", they found their way to an area of bats on the ground covered in what they described as white fungus. They remember hearing stories of people dying in caves from gas, so they all agreed to leave. Upon doing so, one person stumbled on what they described as old broken mining equipment that hasn't aged a day, and definitely not the modern-looking stuff you see today.  They even shared a picture of one of the bats that you can see here.

I recently stumbled across a video from YouTubers 'The World Of Yesterday', where they share videos of urban exploration featuring some of the Midwest's most expansive, diverse, and precarious abandoned structures. They did some exploring of the old warehouse/silica mining tunnels known as the 'Candyman Caves'. These caves were used for a wide variety of purposes over the past century, and you can check out the video below to see what's left (heads up, there is some use of language in the video):

Please do not try to explore yourself, as the cave system has been deemed dangerous and illegal.

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