The life of a witch gets busy, especially during the week of Halloween.  You would think I'd get a break, right?  I mean, Santa has wife Mrs. Claus to do all the planning, his elves execute the plan beautifully and he's even got not one, but eight chauffeurs.  Me?  I've got lots to do and only days to get it done!

There's shopping for the party, I'm completely out of eye of newt!  Invitation to mail to Frankie Frankenstein (he got SO mad when I didn't invite him last year but honestly he wrecks my house every time he comes over)!  I'm in the market for a new broom, I'm thinking about an Electrolux model and then I run into Northland construction, the Duluth International Airport has me flying circles until they can clear a landing strip and while I'm out busting my butt for Halloween, I find my sister "the BAD witch" napping in a bale of hay at the pumpkin patch.  THAT'S why I'm mom's favorite!  She never does her share, I should cast a spell!!!

Does this sound like your Halloween week?  The only thing I"m saving time on is not having to find a costume!


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