We've been meaning for a while to bring the kids to Toy Story 4, and we finally got the chance to last weekend. Man am I glad we did! In the years since the first beloved Toy Story, the CGI animation has just been getting better and better. It comes to a massive crescendo with Toy Story 4 as it is visually stunning.

The first scene blew me away. Basically Woody needs to rescue a toy in the rain and night. The lights and flashes and reflections of water droplets, along with the wind, sound, and everything makes it feel more real than a live action movie. I can't describe exactly what it triggers in my brain, but it was gripping.

The story itself is wonderful of course, and I don't want to take anything away from that. But for you to really get the most out of this movie, you need to see it in a theater before it's gone. There are so many great wide shots with so much detail that you'll forget your watching a computer animation, and it makes it feel more real than ever before. Which is maybe why my wife and I balled at the end of it.

It's a fantastic movie, see it in a theater this weekend!


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