Have you ever spotted a celebrity in the wild? It is always a little shocking and exciting all at once!

I had a celebrity sighting over the holiday weekend. I went to California for Memorial Day weekend. When you think of Los Angeles, you always think you are going to see a celebrity or paparazzi. Plus, you think it will happen when you are out and about on the town.

My celebrity sighting happened at the airport of all places while waiting to get on my plane to head back to Minnesota. I definitely wasn't expecting to see anyone famous, even though the airport in Los Angeles is a hot spot for celebrities.

I was sitting at the gate for Minneapolis and it was really busy. I was sitting on the floor when someone walked past me. I noticed their long, curly hair and a giant cowboy hat which stuck out in the crowd of people. I recognized the man, as I often see photos of him with Gabby Barrett.

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It was her husband! He travels with her and even plays guitar for her at her shows, including those big shows like the CMA Awards and other big stages. That is why I knew who it was. I looked at the gate and realized I was seated next to the Nashville gate!

I knew that Gabby was probably nearby. Her husband, Cade, was waiting to talk to someone at the gate but the line was long and crowded so he eventually left out of sight. A few minutes later, I spotted him again, this time with a giant guitar and other instruments.

A few seconds later, I spotted Gabby behind him. She was very low-key, wearing a t-shirt and jeans with her hair in a bun. She was also wearing a backpack and pushing a stroller with her newborn daughter.

Nobody seemed to recognize her or approach her, probably because she was so low-key and because the airport was so busy. She walked straight to the gate to board the plane.

By the way - if you're wondering why she was in California, she's been there for a bit, doing press and representing country music at different events. In fact, she probably had to pack another suitcase just for her awards alone, as she took home a bunch of trophies at the Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles just about a week ago! She was even spotted on a walk in Los Angeles with her daughter and husband and a few friends.

It was awesome to see her in person! I didn't approach her or ask for a picture because she is careful not to show her daughter's face in photos and I didn't want to cross a line there. Also, it happened so fast. I would have had to run and stop her from boarding her plane, which I decided against.

It was still awesome to see her in the flesh! She is a huge rising superstar and I am a big fan. Had I had time to talk to her or the situation was different, I would have talked to her and maybe even got some information out of her - like what will her next single be?

For now, I am just excited that I got to see the country / pop star in person. I hope to run into her again sometime! Next time you are at an airport next to a Nashville gate, keep your eyes peeled!

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