I don't know exactly what got into me the other night. Maybe it's pandemic boredom, but I ended up going through the 'people you may know' section of Facebook. I found some friends that I knew, and added them. Then I got a suggestion for Tower Zup's grocery store. What the hell, I'll add them as a friend too. I've been there a few times when I've been up north.

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They were the first to accept my friend request. I chuckled and thought that was cute and then moved on. Then, later in the day I noticed they were popping up on my news feed. Like the local police chief delivering groceries from the store on Tuesdays.

It seriously warmed my heart. I grew up in a small town like the size of Tower, just through the Embarrass woods in little Biwabik, and this brings me back. But the Facebook posts from Tower Zup's just kept coming. For example, a shot of their employees smiling through their masks stocking shelves.

That's a big thumbs up back guys. Something you don't really think about if you've never lived in a small town is how important the grocery stores are. They really are the center of the community. Just ask residents in Cook, MN when their grocery store recently burned down. It was a big deal! The nearest one was Tower who actually did deliveries and drop offs to Cook. They are rebuilding now and even have a small temporary market to serve the town.

What I miss about living in a small town is how everyone always pulls together, not just during a pandemic. Neighbors are always helping each other out. Just take a look at Eens,  our new Tower celebrity who is doing shopping for customers curbside pick up. Keep up the good work!

Scrolling back, I saw even that the Easter Bunny stopped in at the store to spread some happiness. Maybe that's where he gets his candy? The secret is out!

Like I said earlier, there is something heartwarming about seeing a grocery store connect with the community and pull together. Thank you Zup's, and thanks to your essential employees. Next time I'm in Tower, I'll stop by your meat case for some of your homemade sausage. (It's darn good.)

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