Think we can't see any impact from a tropical depression or hurricane here in the Northland? Think again!

We talk to WDIO meteorologist Taylor Dayton every day on The Breakfast Club and on Monday (June 8th), he mentioned that we have rain in the forecast this week thanks to Tropical Depression Cristobal.

I reached out to him after the show to see if he could break things down for us. Here's what he had to say:

Although Tropical Storm Cristobal has now been downgraded to a tropical depression due to its sustained winds being less than 38 mph, it will still bring a lot of tropical moisture and heavy rain to the Northland. The center of circulation is expected to pass over Wisconsin sometime early Wednesday morning and bring a widespread area of 1-3” of rain to much of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the U.P. of Michigan. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some localized areas pick up close to 5” of rain due to the slow movement of the system by the time things taper off on Thursday. This will likely create some flooding concerns for low lying areas, streams, creeks, and rivers.

Wow! We definitely need rain but it's crazy to think that something happening so far away could have such a big impact on us here in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Please note that as of Monday morning, this storm was downgraded to a Tropical Depression. It is possible for that to shift into a different category over time, like a Tropical Storm.

It's been a very interesting year for weather so far. Recently, a gustnado was spotted in southern Minnesota. A gustnado looks like a tornado but actually differs from one for many reasons. I hadn't heard about a gustnado until this happened!

By the way - the Weather Channel is predicting a warmer-than-average summer for us in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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