Exhibition Drive on Duluth's Skyline has some of the best holiday lights displays each year. It's one of the places we are always sure to drive by before Christmas. But, if you're like us, you might have missed the big Star Wars finale that happened just after Christmas.

I didn't realize until it was posted on Facebook that it was Ryan Kern's house that does the light show with music. That would make sense considering he has experience putting on a show, being the owner of the Kern & Kompany which brings us many big events each year such as the Duluth Air Show, Duluth Oktoberfest, and the Duluth Drag Races.

The holiday display usually features the lights on the house flashing to Christmas music through a low power FM transmitter you can tune into in your car. One of our favorites this year was Disney's Frozen Medley. It was pretty fantastic.

But after Christmas Kern switched it over to feature a Star Wars Finale, and here it is. If you have problems hearing the sound, click on the Facebook logo in the corner to go to the page.

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