File this one under spooky sightings to be glad you didn't see yourself: an Iron Ranger says they saw a UFO in the night sky recently. What they saw will definitely give you chills.

This is not the first UFO sighting on the Iron Range! Around this time last summer, there were reports of another UFO sighting in Chisholm. The resident who reported the sighting says they saw hundreds of white lights traveling in the same direction at the same speed.

Earlier this year, there was a similar sighting, this time in Ely. A tourist visiting Ely spotted a green orb-like thing in the sky. It happened in February when the tourist was outside their rental taking a picture of the night sky. You can even see the pictures and see for yourself.

Closer to home, there have been sightings as well. A Duluthian driving across the Bong Bridge reported a UFO sighting earlier this year. The sighting happened in the broad daylight, which doesn't happen too often. The person described the object as round with "two points" traveling low in the sky.

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Now, we have another supernatural sighting to add to the list. This time, the UFO sighting was happened in Hibbing. It happened in late May but was not shared until recently. The sighting was posted on the National UFO Reporting Center, which keeps track of UFO sightings across the country.

The sighting was reported by a resident who was sitting in their hot tub at the same time they always do. The resident says they track the satellites while taking their nightly dip so they are familiar with what is and isn't normal in the night sky.

On a recent night, the resident was getting out of the hot tub when they spotted something abrupt in the night sky. This "something" is described as ghost-like, close to invisible and a distinct "V" shape.

What is really spooky is how much detail this resident gave regarding this unusual UFO-like object in the sky. According to their report, the V came with three large lights on each side that were surrounded by fog, making the light appear as though it was faint.

Another very interesting tidbit from the report is that the object was larger than a 747. The reporting party also says that the object made no noise. I would be totally spooked if I saw this myself!

Thankfully, the sighting only lasted about ten seconds. However, something like that definitely sticks with you forever! Even if you don't believe in UFOs or anything alien related, you can't deny that these are very precise details.

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