A shed was illegally dumped on private property and now the Hermantown Police Department is trying to figure out who it belongs to.

Photos of the shed were first shared on Facebook by the Hermantown Night Riders. In the post, they explained what happened, writing that someone decided to throw a shed and their trash in a snowmobile parking lot on Maple Grove Road.

The group asks for everyone to take a look at the artwork, sign or building in an attempt to recognize who it belongs to.

They also state that their club should not have to pay for the cost to pick up the mess and remove it.

Take a look at the photos below and see if you can help.

If you recognize anything at all from the photos, you are asked to contact the Hermantown Police Department. You can do so by messaging their Facebook page here.

The Hermantown Night Riders are a local snowmobile club dedicated to making the area's trails "as best as they can be."

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