Wednesday night was windy to say the least.

On my drive to work Thursday morning, I noticed nearly every single garbage can was spilled over with trash everywhere. The pillows on my porch furniture were across the deck. I nearly blew away several times. Power was knocked out to thousands across the area.

This shouldn't be a huge shock - it is fall in the Northland after all. Nevertheless, it was crazy windy.

The National Weather Service Duluth posted the peak wind speeds across the area on their Facebook page at about midnight. Here's how breezy things got:

I was blown away by these wind speeds. (Okay, bad joke. Sorry.) In all seriousness, things definitely felt a lot worse than wind speeds in the 30s and 40s.

Grand Marais had the strongest recorded wind speed with gusts up to 56 MPH. Superior had a wind speed clocked in at 52 MPH.

To put things in perspective: a Category 1 hurricane has sustained winds of 74 MPH. We weren't too far off from that in some parts of the Northland!

Stay safe out there!

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