This question actually comes up quite a bit.  For gun owners that don't own any rural land or have easy access to a place to safely shoot, it can be hard to find a good gun range.  Luckily there are some free or cheap options out there for you.

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    George Constance Rifle Range - Superior

    This is a great option to go shooting.  This rifle range always has a range master when open.  It's free, but they do accept donations.  They even offer hearing protection, spotting scopes, and sand bags to prop your gun up.  There's a pistol range, and then several further distance shooting areas.  They even have an archery section.  Definitely make sure you donate to this great range.

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    United Northern Sportsman Club - Island Lake

    This place isn't free, but it's relatively cheap for the nice set up you have.  It's located on Island Lake on Rice Lake RD.  Once you join the club you will have access to their nice shooting range, and you can also use their private boat launch area for Island Lake.

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    Northwoods Shooting Sports & Education - Mahtowa

    I've never personally been to this range, but I've heard good things.  It's located just 6 miles southwest of Mahtowa on Country RD 4.

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    Northwestern Gun Club - Fredenberg

    This club is just a short drive North of Duluth and is set up for all types of shooting.  They even have an indoor range.

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