5:22 PM Update:

The owners of the llama have let us know that he's been found and is safely home.

Original story:

We've got a llama on the loose in Gnesen Township area. One of our listeners posted on their Facebook page earlier this afternoon that their new llama decided to take a stroll. They're hoping someone has seen the llama and can help them locate it. The llama doesn't have a name, because it was so new to the family that they hadn't come up with on yet. He's described as a nice llama, but shy.

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He was last seen in the Gensen Township area. He escaped from his pasture located on Arnold road between West Pionner and Normanna roads. Here are some pictures to help you identify him, but really if you see a llama somewhere it's probably him. Here's another photo of him with one of his friends. (He's the white one.)


Finally here's a photo of his pretty smile.

Mary Bjorkland Facebook
Mary Bjorkland Facebook

If you have any information on where the llama is or if you've seen it somewhere, please call Alyssa at 218-269-6031. Let's get this llama back to his pasture safe, so keep an eye out!

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