The Duluth Police Department is asking for your help identifying a person of interest in an incident that happened over the weekend.

The PD says they are looking for a white male. At the time, he was wearing a black jacket and dark jeans, along with a baseball cap.

Early Saturday evening, a male driving a black Chevy Tahoe was pulled over on Glen Place Drive, near Michigan Street. The Police Department says he was stopped because the plates on the car were stolen.

The suspect got out of the vehicle but was told by the officer on scene to get back in the car and wait until backup arrived. The driver obeyed, got back in the car and then backed it up. In turn, he ran into the squad car, almost hitting the officer in the process.

The suspect then fled the scene. Shortly after, he ditched the vehicle. It was found on the 2900 block of West 2nd Street.

Do you know this man? If you do or have any information regarding the incident, you are encouraged to call 911. If you recognize the suspect, you can also reach out to the Duluth Police Department by messaging them on their Facebook page. All tips will remain anonymous.

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