Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that we got the new doors.  We actually purchased them about two years ago, but because my husband has been doing "projects" for other people our home has always been put on hold.  I was SO excited when he began the install!  I asked what the little plastic baggie of white pieces were and was shocked to hear what I was suppose to do with them.

You'd think after spending  a little extra to get a couple of nice doors, they'd have a better system then PLUGS to cover the screws in the molding around the window.  I'm not even sure I'm using the correct terminology, but I DO know they look shabby.  It almost looks better with the plugs out unless you're standing far away from the door and can't actually see them.  See for yourself!

Cathy's Door AFTER
Cathy Kates

Don't you think that looks awful?  There's about 12 of those little plug holes and maybe one or two fit nicely.  Otherwise, they all look like THAT!  My husband says that's "just the way it is".  Really?  So, this is acceptable to those with homes nicer than ours?  Or, are there more expensive doors available that don't have the door owner pushing their own plugs in?  I'm sorry, I just find it hard to accept that THIS is what I'm stuck with for years to come.

Can someone enlighten me?  Contractor, construction worker, doorman, ANYONE?

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