Ah, the road trip.  I find it funny that I can go hours on end without eating a thing during a normal day, but if venture out on a short road trip I feel the need to eat a bag of Combos.  I can see how people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel are challenged not to eat bad food out of sheer boredom.  If you have road trips in your future, and want something  little more exciting than pretzels and beef jerky to snack on, enjoy this list of snack ideas.  Feel free to share you own, we're all in this together!

1. PB& J trail mix

Hit the road with this simple, super tasty peanut butter treat. The unexpected cereal crunch and cranberries will keep everyone’s taste buds satisfied.

2. Tropical dried fruit

Dried fruits are usually stored near the produce section at grocery stores. The sweetness and chewiness will leave you feeling satisfied.

3. Soy nuts

Dried soy nuts are an excellent alternative to other high-calorie nuts, without giving up that satisfying crunch. Packed with protein and available in multiple flavors, they’re the perfect co-pilot.

4. Wasabi peas

Craving something sweet, salty and spicy? Reach for a package of wasabi peas for surprising flavor on the go.

5. Mini-pita sandwiches

Pair a mini-pita with your favorite hummus and stuff with fresh sliced veggies like cucumber and carrot for a quick snack. For an Italian-inspired snack, add sliced mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato slices, and basil leaves.

6. Oatmeal cookies

Bake a batch of your favorite oatmeal cookies and store them in a seal-tight container. No need to buy processed cookies that can slow you down; your homemade goodies will give you the wholesome energy that you need to keep on truckin’!

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