Dollar stores have been trending for a while now and we have several in the Northland.  I am NOT dissing on them.  I shop them too, but for specific things.  Some of the things that I find at the local dollar store has me SMH.

Dollar stores are incredibly helpful in saving money for many things.  For instance, I buy my greeting cards there.  Especially around this time when my husband and I have multiple graduation parties to attend (he's a teacher, I like the graduation salad and cake!).  Wrapping paper and bows is another thing I know I can save money on.  I get camper plates and holiday themed items.  In fact, if you are planning on giving holiday treats, buy a whimsical plate from the dollar store and tell the receiver of your gift they can keep the plate.  Easy peasy and inexpensive.

However, one must be choosy.  I understand if that's all you can afford, but something as important as if you are pregnant or not should probably be purchased at a reputable drug store.  I'm sure there are those that can prove me wrong and again, it probably works just fine, but I would feel like I had to test again with one purchased elsewhere.  The reviews I read all say it's legit.  What are your thoughts?  If you've used one from the dollar store, was it accurate?

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